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Singapore Funeral Group

Here at Singapore Funeral Group, we believe in serving with compassion and gratitude. Our dedicated team of funeral directors are on standby 24/7 to assist with all types of funeral arrangements, based on the appropriate faith and customaries.
As a one-stop solution with a comprehensive range of funeral service packages, we cover all aspects of a dignified funeral service, including customisable packages based on your budget and requirements. 

Funeral Packages

Our funeral packages are designed based on our many years of experience and expertise. From a simple funeral event to a grand departure service, find a suitable package from our extensive range to create a memorable and dignified funeral service for your loved one.

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Funeral Parlour

We have 8 air-conditioned funeral parlours located in the east of Singapore. Each parlour includes a private shower facility as well as a resting room to provide extra comfort for the bereaved family. Contact us to make arrangements for the booking of such facilities.

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Funeral Guide

This section provides you with a comprehensive guideline on what you should do and how you can arrange for a funeral service. With a deeper understanding, you can better support and guide your family during such an event.

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Why Choose Us?

Personalised service: We add little touches to make every funeral service unique and special.
Comprehensive arrangements: We will be with you throughout the whole journey to aid you in getting proper closure and to lighten your load during such an event.
Meticulous care: Your loved one will be in our complete care at all times and be treated with the greatest respect.
Transparency: Before the start of our services, we will go through all costs involved to provide a fair and transparent pricing.