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Funeral Services

Our Funeral Packages

Our funeral packages include all essential products and services required for a dignified funeral wake/ service. Find out more information here or head to any one of our packages below:

Buddhist Funeral Package
Our package covers all essential services including monk chanting. It is simple, neat and peaceful.

Taoist Funeral Package

Our package includes paper houses and prayer services. As requirements vary based on dialect, our funeral directors will guide you based on the appropriate customaries.

Roman Catholic Funeral Package
Our funeral directors will assist in the setup and coordination between the funeral wake, funeral mass, and cremation. 

Christian Funeral Package
Using only fresh flowers for the funeral setup, our packages include AV equipment such as microphones and speakers to facilitate the funeral service.

Non-Religious Funeral Package
Our package covers both eastern-style and western-style non-religious funeral setups, customisable based on the deceased's preferences. 
Soka Gakkai Funeral Package
Our funeral directors will assist family members with coordinating between the Buddhist association, as well as our funeral services.

Direct Cremation Package
We offer 
simple and direct cremation services with no wake, with packages crafted based on the different religious requirements.

International Repatriation
Upon the passing of an expatriate, you may wish to send the deceased’s body back to their homeland. We can liaise with the relevant authorities to make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.