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Christian Funeral Services

Christian funeral services are priced at $4588 for 3 days and $250 for every additional day. We can also personalise the funeral decor upon request.

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For Christian funeral services in Singapore, white drapery is widely used to furnish funeral setups, signifying purity and light. We use fresh flowers (such as roses and lilies) for the floral arrangement, and families can choose different types of flowers to have a personal touch.
Family members are also encouraged to deliver a eulogy prior to the burial service/ cremation, in memory of their loved one. This is to share a testimony of a life well led by the deceased, as well as his/her connection with God. Memorial services are usually conducted by the pastor, together with church members at the funeral wake. The singing of hymns and reading of bible scriptures can also give comfort.
During the nightly memorial services, we will provide AV equipment such as microphones and speakers to facilitate the funeral service. The setup and furnishings will also be covered by our professional funeral directors. Prior to the burial service/ cremation, family members will be given private time to pay their final tribute to the deceased, by placing flowers into the casket.