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Christian Funeral Service Package

Funeral Packages for Christian Funeral Services in Singapore Starts from:
3 Days Christian funeral package $4588
4 Days Christian funeral package $5088
5 Days Christian funeral package $5588
Funeral Parlour Package starts from $3588
Our Christian funeral package comes with a half glass cremation casket, professional embalming and complete funeral services. The mobile toilet and fridge for refreshments are included in our funeral package.
Christian funeral services may be conducted at either HDB void deck, churches or funeral parlour. 
Our Christian funeral service packages in Singapore are designed to be transparent and affordable. For more information on our Christian funeral packages, do refer to the PDF link below or call our 24hour funeral service hotline.

Christian Funeral Service Package in Singapore

In our Christian funeral packages, white drapery are used to furnish the Christian funeral setups, signifying purity and light. 100% Fresh flowers (such as rosed and lilies) are used in the floral arrangements, and families can choose different types of flowers to create a personal touch.
Our funeral service team will work together with the Pastor to facilitate the Christian funeral memorial. During the service, family members/ close friends are encouraged to deliver a eulogy in memory of their loved one. This is to share a testimony of a life well led by the deceased and his/her connection with God. 

Prior to the burial service/ cremation, family members will be given private time to pay their final tribute to the deceased; by placing flowers onto the casket before the final send-off. 

On top of the funeral services mentioned in our standard Christian funeral package, our funeral service director will be there on-site daily to guide and assist in the funeral arrangements.

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Why Choose Us?

Our experienced team at Singapore Funeral Group, provides a one-stop solution for Christian funerals in Singapore. We will coordinate in booking of the memorial venues (such as HDB void decks or funeral parlour), cremation time slot/ burial plots and all other necessary logistics. 

Since 2006, we have been providing support and assistance for many bereaved families in Singapore. Our Christian Funeral packages are carefully designed and engineered to be affordable and transparent in pricing, “only pay what you need”. Funeral service package can be customised based on different budget and requirements!

What is included in the Christian Funeral Service Package?

Preparation of Funeral Wake 
·  18ft Enclosure for Casket area 
·  White Theme Curtains 
·  Interior Carpet Setup 
·  15 Square Tables,
·  10 Round Tables, 100 Chairs 
·  1 Phase Lightings, 6 fans
·  2 units of Air Coolers 
·  Funeral Notices,
·  Safe box and Record Book.

Casket and Embalming Services 
·  24 Hours Transfer Service 
·  Half Glass Cremation Casket 
·  Embalming & Make-up Service  
·  Booking of Cremation Slot 

Toilet and Fridge Supply 
·  1 unit of Moblie Toilet
·  1 unit of Fridge Supply

Christian Memorial Setup 
·  Memorial Setup, 
·  1 Fresh Floral Frame
·  1 Fresh Table Floral 
·  1 Photo Enlargement
·  6 Passport Size Photo
·  Daily Support Team 

Funeral Day Arrangements 
·  Pallbearers in Full Suit for Send-off
·  Final Tribute Ceremony
·  FULL GLASS Mercedes Hearse
·  45 pax Bus Transportation

Post Funeral Care 
·  Ash Collection Service 

Cost of a Christian Funeral Service Package?

Inclusive of the above Christian funeral services, our rates are:
3 Days Christian funeral Package Singapore $4588 nett
4 Days Christian funeral Package Singapore $5088 nett
5 Days Christian funeral Package Singapore $5588 nett

If you wish to conduct the Christian funeral serves at a funeral parlour, our rates are:
No limit of days Christian funeral Services $3588 nett
Based on days + Funeral Parlour Rental Rates Click here
Our Christian funeral services can be customised to suit a range of needs and expectations, according to the family’s wishes. Do contact us to find out how we can help.

How to engage us?

Call our 24 hour funeral service hotline at 6817 4288 for immediate assistance. 

Alternatively, you may use the WhatsApp feature below to reach out to us.