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Free Thinker Funeral Services

Freethinker Funeral services are priced at $4588 for 3 days and $5088 for 5 days. Such services are conducted without religious elements. Our funeral directors will facilitate the final service for you.

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Non-religious funeral services in Singapore can be conducted in either a western or eastern style.
Western-style funerals are simple, with flower arrangements to celebrate the deceased’s life. We offer personalised funeral setups, where family members can display the achievements and accomplishments of the deceased.
Eastern-style funerals will include items such as food offering and joss sticks, that can be offered upon request, without religious leaders or religious inclinations. Do let our funeral directors know of the preferred items needed, and we can assist in coordinating a personalised funeral service for freethinkers.
All setups can be customised based on the deceased’s wishes, as we are committed to following through with any requests. Family members can also consider the choice of flowers, music playlist, and delivering a eulogy, to create a memorable yet dignified last chapter for the deceased.