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Hakka Taoist Funeral Service Packages

Hakka Taoist Funeral Service Packages in Singapore starts from:
3 Days Hakka funeral package $8088
4 Days Hakka funeral package $8588
5 Days Hakka funeral package $9088
Services at Funeral Parlour/ Landed property/ Open ground is at $6588
Our Hakka Taoist funeral service package includes complete casket services, handcrafted paper-made tributes, rites and ritual by Hakka priest.
Essentials like mobile toilet and refrigerator for refreshments are included in the funeral package at no additional cost!
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Our comprehensive “Hakka Taoist Funeral Service Packages'' are specifically tailored to meet all essential requirements of a Hakka dialect funeral.

You may call our 24 Service hotline for immediate assistance.

Do click on the following PDF link below for our complete rates and service listing :

Hakka Taoist Funeral Service Packages

Upon service activation, our funeral director will personally meet up with your family members to provide a detailed guide on the funeral procedures. The body of your late beloved will be respectfully transferred to our embalming care centre, where he/she will undergo cleaning, makeup and embalming services. 
Our “Hakka Taoist Funeral Service Package” includes essential items such as a cremation half-glass casket, setting up of the wake venue, memorial arrangement, Hakka Master conducting ritual in Hakka dialect, coordination for the funeral day and post-funeral care. 

During a Hainanese funeral, a meticulously arranged prayer altar will be established, and the priest’s chanting ritual will be accompanied by traditional musical instruments, adding a rich cultural atmosphere to the proceedings. Following the prayer service, rice and red packets will be distributed to the family members as a symbolic gesture of blessings for future generations, signifying the hope for continued prosperity and harmony within the family lineage. 

On the final night of the funeral service, paper-made tributes are burned as offerings to the deceased. These tribute include items such as paper house, paper servants, and paper mountains in gold and silver colours. 

Our dedicated funeral care team will ensure that the wake venue is arranged according to Hakka funeral standards. 

To explore our diverse range of “Hakka Taoist Funeral Service Package” in detail, please click on the link provided above.

What is included in the Hakka Taoist Funeral Service Package?

Preparation of Funeral Wake 
·  18ft Enclosure for Casket area 
·  Beige Theme Curtains 
·  Interior Carpet Setup 
·  15 Square Tables,
·  10 Round Tables, 100 Chairs 
·  1 Phase Lightings, 6 fans
·  2 units of Air Coolers 
·  Funeral Notices,
·  Safe box and Record Book.

Casket and Embalming Services 
·  24 Hours Transfer Service 
·  Half Glass Cremation Casket 
·  Embalming & Make-up Service 
·  Pillow, Blanket and Pearl 
·  Booking of Cremation Slot 

Toilet and Fridge Supply 
·  1 unit of Mobile Toilet
·  1 unit of Fridge Supply

Taoist Memorial Setup 
·  Memorial Setup,
·  Taoist Chanting Altar 
·  1 Fresh Floral Frame
·  2 Fresh Table Flowers 
·  1 Photo Enlargement
·  6 Passport Size Photo
·  Daily Support Team 
·  Mourning badges
·  Joss Burning Pot  
Handcrafted Paper Offerings 
·  6ft Paper Mansion
·  Gold & Silver Mountains
·  1 set Guardians 
·  1 set of Large Lanterns
·  1 unit of Soul’s Lantern
Metal Burning Cage 
·  Setup of Burning cage 
·  Clearing of Burning ashes

Hakka Enlightenment Service 
·  1 Priest to conduct encoffin rites
·  Hakka Dialect final Rites (5 Priest)
·  1 Priest to conduct funeral rites

Funeral Day Arrangements 
·  Pallbearers in Full Suit for Send-off
·  Lantern Bearers 
·  Final Tribute Ceremony
·  FULL GLASS Mercedes Hearse
·  Appreciation Gifts (40 units)
·  45 pax Bus Transportation
·  Floral Water Setup 

Post Funeral Care 
·  House Blessing
·  Tablet Placement Prayers 
·  Ash Collection Service 
·  49, 100 Days & Yearly Prayer Advise 

Cost of a Hakka Taoist Funeral Service Package?

Inclusive of the above Taoist funeral services, our rates are:
3 Days Hakka Taoist funeral Package Singapore $8088  nett
4 Days Hakka Taoist funeral Package Singapore $8588 nett
5 Days Hakka Taoist funeral Package Singapore $9088 nett

If you wish to conduct the Taoist funeral serves at a funeral parlour, our rates are:
No limit of days Taoist funeral Services $6588 nett
Based on days + Funeral Parlour Rental Rates Click here
Our Taoist funeral services can be customised to suit a range of needs and expectations, according to the family’s wishes. Do contact us to find out how we can help.

How to engage the Singapore Funeral Group?

Call our 24 hour funeral service hotline at 6817 4288 or 1800 800 1818 (toll free) for immediate assistance. 

Alternatively, you may use the WhatsApp feature below to reach out to us.