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Roman Catholic Funeral Services

Roman Catholic funeral services are priced at $4588 for 3 days and $5088 for 5 days. After the wake, the casket will then be sent for a funeral mass before cremation. We will assist you in coordinating the details.

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Roman Catholic funerals usually consist of three elements, namely The Vigil, Funeral Mass, and the Rites of Committal.
The Vigil is a religious service conducted during the funeral wake, for family members and friends of the deceased to pay their respects and deliver eulogies. The coordination of logistics and funeral set up will be done by our experienced funeral directors.
After the wake, the casket will then be escorted to the church in our luxurious Mercedes hearse, for the Funeral Mass. The priest or deacon will the one to conduct the necessary funeral rites. Roman Catholic funerals in Singapore place emphasis on these rites and ceremonies in the church, as a form of worship to God. For families without a preferred church in mind, we have a list of Roman Catholic church venues for you to choose from.
Lastly, the Rites of Committal will be carried out at the place of burial or cremation, where family members and friends offer their prayers as a final farewell to the deceased.
Our dedicated funeral directors will play a strong supporting role throughout the process, allowing family members to have peace of mind. You can rest assured that the funeral service will be thoughtfully carried out, with all necessary religious elements included.