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Gong Teck

Gong Teck is an elaborate merit accumulation ceremony that can be conducted throughout the span of 1 to 3 days, depending on the family’s request. Buddhists and Taoists place heavy emphasis on ceremonies like this.
The ceremony involves burning of a big paper mansion, as well as the performance of religious rites led by the Buddhist or Taoist religious leaders. It is usually conducted on the 49th day, 100th day, 1st year, and 3rd year anniversary of the deceased’s death.
For the Buddhist service, there are various types of Buddhist scriptures that can be chanted. Buddhist monks will conclude the ceremony by conducting a Yogacara Ulka-mukha Dharma service, also known as the Releasing of the Flaming Mouth ritual. The ritual involves offering food to the hungry ghosts to release them from their suffering, hence accumulating merits that will be transferred to the dearly departed.
For the Taoist service, religious rites and rituals will be conducted based on the deceased’s ancestral roots and customaries. Elaborate rites will also be observed during such services. For more information or clarification, do call us.