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Buddhist Funeral Services

Buddhist funeral services start from $5588 for 3 days and $6088 for 5 days. This covers all essential services including monk chanting. It is simple, neat and peaceful.

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Our funeral directors pay meticulous attention to the fine details, ensuring a dignified Buddhist funeral send-off for your loved one. From the setup, to ornaments, and to the tableware used, all items will be exquisitely selected. The altar will also be adorned with fresh flowers, fruits, and the image of Buddha.
As a part of our service, we will engage Buddhist monks to conduct the necessary rituals. Vegetarian meal options are available as well. In addition, our funeral directors can assist with the ‘Gong Teck’, which refers to a memorial service held on the 49th day after the funeral. For more information, click here.
Our Buddhist funeral services can be customised to suit a range of needs and expectations, according to the family’s wishes. Do contact us to find out how we can help.