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Funeral Guide

5 Things You Need To Know When Attending A Funeral Wake

When attending a funeral wake, it is important to be mindful of these basic etiquettes.
1. Dress appropriately
In general, dress simply in dark coloured clothing. For females, do refrain from wearing revealing attire, including miniskirts or shorts.
2. Pay respects first
After arriving and identifying your purpose to ensure that you are attending the correct wake, approach the memorial table to pay your respects.
If you are offering an incense, light one incense stick and offer it into the censer. Following which, make three respectful bows. 
If you do not use incense, maintain a moment of silence and send your deepest well wishes to the deceased.
3. Offer your condolences
There is no specific range to how much money you should give at a wake. This is dependent on the relationship between you and the person you are visiting, as well as your own financial situation.
However, if you are the one receiving the contribution, you must ensure that you return back the equivalent amount or more to those who had contributed.
4. Take a red thread
Traditionally, red candles were given out in appreciation for one’s attendance. However, in modern times, this has now been replaced with red threads which can be found in the tidbits tray on every table. The red threads symbolize auspiciousness and must be discarded before entering your house.
5. Be helpful
Besides giving your greatest care and support to the bereaved family, be helpful while you are at the wake. Some small gestures include buying food or snacks over, folding joss paper, and arranging the tables and chairs at the wake.