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Funeral Guide

Things To Avoid after A Funeral (Buddhist/ Taoist)

We have consolidated guidance from the relevant cultural masters and have adapted their advice to fit the modern day society. The following are some improvised post-funeral observations for your reference:
During the wake period:

  • Refrain from trimming your nails or hair, as these have been given by one’s parents. During the initial days of their passing, such acts must be avoided.
  • Avoid entertainment, which is a basic rule during such an event.
Within 49 days of their passing:

  • Refrain from visiting friends or relatives and instead, use this time to reflect about life and allow your emotions to settle down.
  • Make offerings weekly or fortnightly before the spiritual tablet, in memory and appreciation.
Within 100 days of their passing:

  • Avoid wearing bright coloured clothing and refrain from attending weddings, celebratory events or funeral wakes of friends or acquaintances.
  • Any Chinese customary weddings should be conducted within this period. After these 100 days, it is advisable to postpone the event till a year later.
  • On the 100th day, make an offering at the columbarium or grave site.
Before the 1st year anniversary of the passing

  • Refrain from conducting celebrations at home, which includes Chinese New Year celebrations and Chinese festival celebrations. Instead, make simple offerings before their tablet to keep them in memory.
  • Visitations to your relatives’ houses during the Chinese New Year period is also not recommended.
On the 1st year death anniversary, the family will wear red after the “combination prayers”, to mark the end of the mourning period.