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Woodlands Memorial Funeral Parlour

Woodlands Memorial Funeral Parlour is located at 7 Woodlands Industrial Park E8 Singapore 758969.
Each of our funeral parlours comes with a private family rest room that consists of a living area, bedroom, shower and toilet.  

Funeral Parlours are subjected to availability. 
Call us for bookings!

Woodlands Memorial Funeral Parlour

About the Woodlands Memorial Funeral Parlour

The newly built woodlands memorial funeral parlour is the largest funeral parlour building in Singapore.
Located 7 Woodlands Industrial Park E8, Singapore 758969. It is the only funeral parlour available in the Northern region of Singapore.
Woodlands Memorial funeral parlour has a grand lobby with a modern water feature, providing calm for visitors and bereaved families.
With their state-of-the-art inhouse embalming facilities to the large digital display of deceased photo and memorial obituary, Woodlands Memorial funeral parlour, incorporates modern touches in every detail.

Rental fees at the Woodlands Memorial Funeral Parlour are as follows:

Funeral Suites - 25 guest comfortably, $900 Per day (nett). 

The Deluxe Hall - 60 guest comfortably, $1962 Per day (incl GST).
The Vip Hall - 120 guest comfortably, $4142 Per day (incl GST).

The funeral halls can be also be combined for families who expect more guests, we can accommodate up to 1000 people on a single floor.

Each well lit funeral parlour comes with a private room equipped with a bed and complete shower facilities for family members to rest after their vigil duties.
For a limited time, the woodlands memorial funeral parlour offers free flow of hot and cold beverages for all guest. 

How do I get to the Woodlands Memorial Funeral Parlour?

It is near the Woodlands Driving Centre and 5 mins drive from the Admiralty MRT Station.
To go by bus, take Bus 169 for 8 stops from Woodlands MRT station.
If you are driving, on the GPS key in postal code : 758969.

How to Book for a Funeral Parlour

The Singapore Funeral Group is authorised to conduct funeral services and make arrangements at the woodlands memorial funeral parlour.
Do contact us at 1800 800 1818 (24 Hours) for more information or

click on to our funeral packages > selection based on religion > Funeral Parlour Packages (PDF) to find out more!