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Our Christian Funeral services in Singapore starts from $3988 for 3 days and $300 for every other additional day up till a maximum of 7 days.
Christian Funeral Services at funeral parlour starts from $3188.

Christian Funeral Services Singapore

In Singapore, during a Christian funeral service, the pastor will lead in reading the biblical scriptures, singing of hymns and prayers to give thanks to God for the gift of eternal life.

Christian faith believes in the eternal life, all the faithful will be welcomed into heaven and receive the gift of eternal peace and joy.

What do we provide?
At Singapore Funeral Group, our diligent in-house services include the casket services, wake setup, funeral hearse and pall bearers, we have the resources and preparations needed for a Christian funeral service in Singapore.

Our dedicated funeral service team will also work with the pastor to ensure a smooth and dignified process throughout the funeral service.

Cost of a Christian Funeral Service?
Our Christian Funeral service package in Singapore starts from $3988 for 3 days and $300 for every other additional day up till a maximum of 7 days. This is only applicable for wakes at HDB void decks.

For Christian funeral services at a funeral parlour, our package is priced at $3188 nett. Funeral parlour charges starts from $600 per day in Singapore. You may refer to our Christian funeral service package here.

How is the body prepared?
Generally, the body will undergo a dignified cleansing process after being transferred from the home or hospital. Our embalmer will preserve the body before dressing up in the preferred clothing (to be provided by the family members) for the funeral service.

Christian Casket Services in Singapore
After the embalming, the body will then be laid in a casket before being sent to the place of wake or a funeral parlour. Family members can decide on a sealed/half or a full viewing panel for the service. A cross and name plate will be installed on the cover of the casket.

Christian Funeral Services Hearse
How many days can I conduct the service?
For Christian funeral services, there are no restrictions on the number of days. The maximum days of a wake in Singapore is 7 days.

As long as the family can gather friends and relatives within a specific number of days, you may choose to conduct the service within the time frame before cremation or burial.

Wake visitation at a Christian Funeral Service?
Unless stated by specific funeral parlours, you may open up visitation hours to guests 24 hours throughout the days. If you are a visitor, it is advised to wear dull-coloured clothing and call the bereaved family before heading down to the wake.

Christian Memorial Service
A memorial service, usually conducted at night before the funeral day, which may include;
- prayers and sermon by a pastor,
- singing of hymns,
- give comfort and support to the bereaved family through the word of God,
- to commemorate the life of the dearly departed.
Family members may also deliver a eulogy or testimony during the memorial service.

Funeral Day
On the funeral day, the pastor will conduct a short prayer at the wake before pall bearers place the casket into a funeral hearse. Flowers will then be placed on the casket before cremation/ burial.

We will assist in securing a burial or cremation timing from the National Environment Agency in Singapore. Our experienced funeral directors will assist and guide you throughout the entire process.

How can we help?
We at Singapore Funeral Group can assist in gathering all the logistics required to arrange a Christian Funeral Service.

You may call our 24 hours funeral service hotline at 1800 800 1818 or visit our Christian Funeral Service Package’s page for complete pricing and service listing.